Tuesday, 30 October 2018

12 Days of Christmas Day 12 Explosion Box!

Today I'm making an Explosion Box, this is the first time I've made one and I'm pleased with the result.

There are two colour combos to choose from!

My explosion box is not traditional as only two sides flap open when lid is taken off, the reason for this was I wanted a background for my house.

I've built the boxes in the same way but used two different Designer Series Papers from the same collection.

All my product is based around the Festive Farmhouse Suite, I love this suite and I've made lot's of cards and projects with it this year

I've made a video to explain how I made it.  It's longer than normal as this is a more detailed project.


I found it a bit tricky to fit my lid onto my finished box, here's a tip to help.  Before you decorate your box just make a couple of the sides of the box a tiny bit smaller with some scissors, just along a couple of edges and then your lid should fit better.  My first box fitted fine but the second one was a bit too snug!

Some of my measurements

4 pieces of 7 x 3 1/2"  (score at 31/2")  Box Sides
Lid 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 (score at 1/4" all round)
DSP x 5   3 1/4 x 3 /1/4  Side and top of box

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  1. Both explosion boxes you made are incredibly lovely!! I am going to give it a go! Wanted to sign up to receive your daily blogs.

  2. So pleased you're going to have ago at making these. This was my first go and I put it off for ages as I thought would be really complicated, its really not and decoration could be reduced to make it quicker. I don't actually blog daily but try to have at least one video a week. Thanks for the lovely comment I always appreciate them.